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National Protectionism was launched to not only be a firewall to stop the multicultural agenda of international Communism, but also to spearhead the initiative of a creative vision and platform. This will not only protect European culture, but also be a proactive force against our enemies, foreign and domestic.  We hope to quickly be at the forefront of the new American Nationalist Movement and begin the process of not only turning the tide against the destruction forced upon us, but to be the primary source of the new ideology, which will save European culture and Western civilization. Join us today and be a part of this epic enterprise!

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Subscribe to Mike Sledge’s Youtube Channel

National Protectionism founder Mike Sledge has a new Youtube channel, which he does in addition to his regularly scheduled Thursday show on Renegade Broadcasting. He covers current events, white plight, Jewish control, and of course, mixes in some humor with … Continue reading

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Renegades in America – The New Documentary is Out!

In the beginning of October of this year, the hosts of Renegade Broadcasting got together, traveled the country, and documented their adventures. This is the rough cut of that documentary. Please leave some feedback. Enjoy! The documentary will be for … Continue reading

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Renegade Tribune is Looking for Authors

There is a new publishing platform open for you to share your ideas in article format! You can register for an account right now and submit articles for us to publish. Please visit RenegadeTribune.com, read some of the posts already … Continue reading

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The Hidden History of White Slaves by Kyle Hunt

White people have been slaving in horrid conditions throughout history and up until the present day. Topics include: white slaves in North Africa, white slaves in North America, white slaves in Israel, white children as sex slaves, white wage slaves, … Continue reading

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Why Whites Will Win | Kai Murros and Kyle Hunt

Our burgeoning movement here has been spreading far and wide. After Kyle Hunt did an interview with Finnish revolutionary Kai Murros on Renegade Broadcasting, many Youtube users uploaded the interview. Then the interview was edited into a 30 minute movie, … Continue reading

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